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. it was near 40 in a few locations of western maryland and west virginia. a view from space showing a clear sky. won't have any travel problems. a beautiful travel pattern for today with sunshine. still not very humid. then tomorrow into the upper 80s again. we'll have a front coming through by early afternoon, a small chance of a shower as it does come through. we've have a blustery wind gusting to 25 tomorrow afternoon and cooler weather feeling beautifully dry and comfortable on thursday and friday. ashley, how's the back to school traffic? >> back to school we go. unfortunately we're rapping up most of the issue from yesterday. the red line will open at 5:00 a.m. between takoma and wheaton. the volume is light on the roads but more company than this hour yesterday. the truck scale lanes are open. no trouble spots around the beltway. clean slate this morning. >> ashley, thank you. >>> with the return to work and school for almost everyone in our area now, that means more road congestion on this so-called terrible tuesday. there's our vdot camera, traffic moving along just fine, won't be the
saved from a west virginia farm, emaceuated and dehydrated. >> they had three months of no food or good water conditions. >> reporter: the west virginia farm was also a rescue facility, so workers worry about the horses physical well being as well as emotional. >> they probably saw a little hope that they started to feel physically better and getting the attention they needed and then to go right back into a state if not worse than they arrived. >> reporter: 95% of horses here make a full recovery. in may they saved 26 very malnourished horses from garrett county, including raspberry who was skin and bones. take a look at her now. less than four months later she is healthy and on a healthy diet. that is the outcome of poor horses enduring months of torture. >> i need to trust humans again when i see these horses recover. it is a blessed thing to see everyday here. >> criminal charges are pending against the west virginia farm. to help the horses recover, day's inn rescue is in need of hay and volunteers. for more information, log on to wjz.com. >>> we learned today that two tornadoe
still a few 50s on the map. mar martinsburg, west virginia, 57. andrews air force base 58. 64 degrees now in la plata, may maryland. a gradual increase in clds will ce our way duri the course of the afternoon. most of us will stay completely dry. there have been a few random rain drops in the panhandle of west virginia and far southern pennsylvania. but on thehole good weather for today. no rain threat for the redskins and the texans. >> good to hear it. thanks, chuck. >>> in our headlines now after almost five months there appears to be good newsfrom the gulf. the deepwater horizon well is almost officially closed. scientists confirm theractured rig is sealed off forever. the end of the leak doesn't mean the end of major problems in the gulf. nbc's jay gray has more now from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: the final pressure test should be over now but there's still no word on sults or if the well has been officially killed. in the final hours on the primary relief well after pumping in 74 barrels of cement and making sure it was set there was a sense of confidence and pride.
the western zones are getting into the lower to mid- 80s tomorrow. out in west virginia will be 78 to 80 degrees for highs tomorrow. upper elevations of the appalachians will be in the mid- 70s. 80s, washington, eastern shore, even upper 70s in some cases. eastern shore beaches on the atlanta particular, we have the -- atlantic, high rip current. >>> mild to start off the work week. fall begins the equinox will feel like summer. i told my wife we were done with 90s. unfortunately, they're back again. 90 to 93 thursday. 92 friday. it's going to be shot. the one thing is i don't think it will be awfully humid with that. especially this time of the year, it's really hard to work that humidity back in, you get the summertime. it will be hot. you're talking nearly 15 degrees above where we should be, 78 to 79. there could be a cold front friday that might bring a storm or two. slight chance. really, next weekend setting up for kind after rainy period. that will keep us way down into the 70s. highs 92 to 70s. >> we're getting ready for fall. >> it will officially be here wednesday. >> thank yo
to the mountains of west virginia. especially for those be folks on the western slopes of the mountains. here in town not much in theay of rain chance. mostly sunny for saturday. delightful. high temperatures upper 70s to near 80s. tomorrow repeat performance. noticeably warmer tomorrow with temperatures way up in the 80s. several degrees above-normal. there's the extend forecast. 79 today. 76 tomorrow. few clouds coming back late sunday into early monday asthat weather front drifts on by. it will come on through dry. next little chance for rain comes up on friday of next week. >> thanks, chuck. an ugly start to the weekend for the nats. dan hellie has the highlights in this morning's sports in a minute. >> reporter: good morning, washington. your "sports minute" begin with the nationals andll the good karma the nats brought with them from philadelphia. that was gone by the end of the first inning. jason marquise goes one-third of an inning. records only one out. the nationals fall in philadelphia 9-1 is the final. to highchool football. a battle of a couple 2-0 teams. bowie and c.h. flers. b
. a few scattered showers are reaching from pennsylvania down around west virginia at this time. that is about it. the storm will generate a little more rain tomorrow night. it would take a look at how the forecast turns out, especially for the week ahead. that is coming up in a few minutes. >> a man convicted under the state's organized gang statutes will get a new trial next week. the baltimore state attorney opposite said the judge heard testimony that included alleged jury misconduct after the juror use the internet to research his prior record. police are searching for a gunman who shot a 15-year-old boy. the teenager was reportedly hit in the arm. another bullet grazed his chest. he is in stable condition. no word on a possible motive. the search continues for an escaped inmate. paul ryan palmer escaped friday afternoon. he complained of a hand injury -- hand injury. he slipped out of his handcuffs. he was being held on an attempted murder charge. he was last seen at about 8:00 this morning. police believe he is traveling with a female in a silber car. if you have the perm
will check in with them. and the maryland terrapins went to morgantown to take on west virginia. could the terps remained unbeaten? ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. ♪ with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to y
pushing through pennsylvania and west virginia. been a little lightning and thunder in pennsylvania this morning and it's breaking up, though and we need more appreciable rains than this around here but we will take any drops we can get. 77 reagan national. reston this morning you are 71. leesburg 74, manassas 73. the day at a glance, cloudy, mostly cloudy skies, 80ish around 9:00. partly sunny at noon. 5:00 p.m. 88. watch out the winds today out of the west 10 to 20. >>> good morning. hope you are off to a great start. just waking up to a water main break. repairs going on 410 where it meets the bw parkway and losing lanes in both directions so use caution if you are heading this way. we want to take you to 95 southbound in more where we have construction going on. taking away two lanes here at 216. 270 southbound you are doing fine out of frederick making your way to the spur. as we take a live shot here, nice and quiet live shot at 121. 395 all clear from the beltway to the 14th street bridge and 95 in virginia looking at a one hour commute from fredericksburg to the mixing bowl.
until we make this right >>> maryland/west virginia, saturday afternoon on the gridiron? >> two 2-0 teams starting off. something's got to give. and i'll fell you what, the maryland/west virgin game can be described with the use of two numbers. one negative and one positive. 28, the number of unanswered points the mountaineers scored an negative 10, the rushing yads. the result? a 31-17 defeat in morgantown. ralph said his team would be tested and he was right. handoff goes to devine. a speedy guy avoiding tackles and down the sideline and cuts back and he's finally brought down after a 50-yard gain, devine rushed for 131 yards. three plays later, a perfect pass to ltimore. 6 yard touchdown and f that was one of two tds for austin. the fridge is thinking, these guys are good. early second quarter, west virginia, smith with plenty of time. he looks for his former high school temate, steadman iley. west virginia goes up 28-0. second half, robinson and they're down, 28-7. robinson goes deep to tory smith, the senior and 80 yard scoring strike. and smith also had a 60-yard td catch. t
football. university of maryland renewing a rivalry with west virginia. sometimes it takes a big hit to get things going. we'll check and see if the terps capitalize. >> we're tracking showers and storms over the southern great lakes. right now, pleasant, 74 at the airport. >> we've been blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day, abundant sun all over the state of maryland today. things are high and dry on doppler tonight. well to our west in the southern great lakes, there's storm activity associated with the next front which will reach us tomorrow night. but it's going to be a dry front, not going to generate showers, maybe just a couple of clouds. currently 75 downtown, 74 at b.w.i. marshall. 71 up near the state line. we did top out with a high today of 76 degrees at both the airport and inner harbor so a couple of degrees above the normal high, one degree above the normal of 77 degrees. we started with chilly temperatures, 50 degrees in the morning. this time of year you see a wide temperature spread and that's what we'll see tomorrow, as well. tonight, chilly again, mid 50s in outlying
much of the panhandle of west virginia. the big concern with these is that they're probably going to pack some 60-mile an hour wind gusts with them and they're also moving very quickly to the east at about 40 miles per hour. so you can kind of project where they'll be heading if you live williamsport, martinsburg, hagerstown, inwood and boones borrow you'll be affected by that -- boonesborough. we'll keep a close eye on that. >>> horror at one of the nation's most prestigeous hospitals, a man from arlington distraught over the condition of his mother pulled out a gun her doctor. the alleged gunman then ran back into the room, shot his mother and turned the gun on him. fox 5's bob barnard is live in baltimore tonight with what we're learning about the suspect. bob. >> reporter: brian, there's still some confusion tonight over his name. police initially identified him as warren davis because of the bracelet hospital issued bracelet on his wrist, then came back and said his name was paul warren pardus. whatever his name, he touched off some terrifying moments here today. for a little
a chance to start their season 3-0, west virginia played the role of spoiler. would the mountaineers be able to pull it off again this year. we start in the first quarter first drive second and goal at the maryland 6th. smith lobs it to austin for the td. austin the baltimore native burning them early. they take the 7-0 lead. west virginia gets the ball back and again smith to austin. the five yard score puts them up 14 on 0. to the third quarter they go the terps now down 28-0. but they are on the comeback trail. robinson goes deep and connects with tory smith for a 60-yard td pass. the terps are coming back. they are now down 28-7. still in the third the same score and it is robinson looking to go deep yet again. and guess who we have got? tory smith racks up 149 receiving yards on the day. this 80-yard td brings maryland to within two scores. it is now 28-414. under a minute to play in the third robinson is looking for the magic with smith again. but the third time is not a charm. he drops the pass in the end- zone. maryland never recovers. they lose 31-17. >>> virginia tech looki
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in maryland and frederick county virginia in the low 60s. 50s panhandle west virginia. mountains just near 50. afternoon highs should climb into the 80s except the mountains it will be in the 70s. lots of sunshine and blue sky and low humidity. tomorrow we'll have a front coming through with clouds and might give us a passing shower. after that we'll have a blustery wind gusting to 25 miles an hour. thursday and friday sunshine back both days. we'll have it cooler in the mornings in the 50s but afternoon highs should be mez ant. a look at the weekend at 5:21. how is it holooking ashley? >> no complaints from the travel department. we are starting to see volume in the typical parts where we see rush hour delays. things are starting to con jest up through lorton through springfield. you're doing the speed limit. as you continue towards 395, no problems. to and across the 14th to the freeway, you're in good spirits. 270, no problems here at montgomery village, the headlights continuing southbound, you do have a little volume from 109 to the truck scales and that will add a little time to the com
of it virginia. dc you are out of it. west of town things are a starting to fall off. and frederick is out of a flood watch. that is until 8:00. hard pressed to survive that long. we still have a few storms that we are watching, or heavier rain showers to the west. you see one here southwest of fredericksburg and also in the mountains. rest go to live doppler 9000 hd. and we are.pointing where the heavy showers are along the coast. a coastal flood warning anne arundel with stiff southeast winds. jan in reedville says the winds are at 20 from the southeast. it is really blowing up there. in west virginia, south of romney, east of petersburg, paw paw and romney watch out. these cells are moving north northeast at 40 plus miles an hour. they could have some gusty winds. in southern frederick county, western montgomery, dulles, reston, chantilly this is lifting north northeast. it will get clarksburg and boyds in a while. grit falls heading to you. vienna may clip through this as well as fairfax some showers this morning. not everyone is seeing them right now. getting ready for the bus stop, y
of those races to watch in the battle for control of the senate. we begin in west virginia. where we see the candidates, democratic governor joe manchin hopes to retain the seat held by the late robert byrd for the last-ken century, going up against john raisey. the latest real clear politic average pollss that race close. popul popular governor. mountain state, 8.5%. that's below the national average. in 2008, as you can see, west virginia voted 43% for barack obama. 56% for john mccain. now, tonight, chief political correspondent carl cameron is up here in sistersville with a story about two candidates who have a similar theme. that's distain for many of the president's -- disdain for many of the president's policie policies. >> good luck. >> conservative businessman john raese is the g.o.p. best hope in decades to win a west virginia senate seat. >> when you look two years down the road we'll look like france in this country if we don't stop obama. >> raese knows president obama unpopularly and liberal agenda are his best weapon against popular democratic governor joe manchin. manchin
and fredericksburg, the warm spots, 80, 81. martinsburg, west virginia, 76. the clear skies, that rain to the west will stay out of the way. if we're going to do boating on the bay, the water temperature is 75. we'll have winds kicking the waves around about a foot. the winds will be shifting to the north a little later this afternoon. we've got plenty of time at the beaches. so let's get you the forecast. rehoe both, 76. the uv index is 6. the water temperature around 72. a little warmer for the water down by ocean city. the highs today, 75, water temperatures, 73, uv index, 7. the sunshine is here. watch the clouds quickly cloud up tonight. and by tomorrow, you're going to have a round of rain during the daylight hours. but by the evening, we should be to the east and we will be drying out. the skins game in. a little luck, a few showers. 75 to 80. more clouds south and west, shenandoah, not bad here. easing back to 75. tomorrow morning, rain will be knocking on your door, waking up to the low 60s downtown. an 80% chance of rain tomorrow, everybody. a cooler day, only 71. but monday and tuesday,
to the panhandle of west virginia even upper montgomery county. there might be a couple of 4s on the map. generally speaking we're going to have a pleasant day today. there are extra clouds coming our way by mid and late afternoon. a possibility of a sprinkle mainly up across portions of southern pennsylvania and west of the blue ridge. here in the washington are we'll be dry and mild with temperatures up near 84 degrees. we should be reaching our high right around 4:15 as the texans and the redskins kick it off at fedex field. >> we said dallas cowboys but we mean houston texans, right? >> yes, we do. >> dallas -- those texas people. >> those three hours of sleep last night were apparently severa too few. i will fix that, thank you. >> we'll check in with you in a little bit. thanks, chuck. >>> four people are hurt this morning after being shot overnight. police say this happened about 11:30 last night along the 500 block of shepherd street in northwest d.c. all four suffered nlife threatening injuries. police have not released any details about the situation surrounding that shooting or the shoot
of pennsylvania and west virginia and a few sprinkles in those clouds out there. we really don't expect any event activity. you can see how there are fewer sprinkles at the end of the loop than the radar loop there. the clouds are essentially from frederick county westward. at the moment, ompe the city, we have clear skies. the moon is out. almost a full moon. it is a beautiful morning. warm this time of year. 73 at b.w.i. marshall. 77 at the inner harbor. 66% the humidity. all these readings are still high. we are still in that rather, warm humid air mass. 95 is the high yesterday at the airport, tying the record high for the date set back in 1970. so we didn't break it, but we tied it, and that's enough. the humidity is way up there, too, yesterday. yesterday's lows were 70 and 72. we were a couple degrees cooler than that. the low temperature today will be tonight, right before midnight. the temperatures will start dropping off. no rain yesterday. the record rainfall for this date, 1912, almost 6 inches of rain. we could use that, but rain is not in the immediate forecast. 79 at annapolis now.
. that is outer suburbs. northern virginia, way out west. and as you get closer into the more densely populated areas, falls church, alexandria, arlington, then we are looking low tore mid-70s. so not a bad start. plenty of sunshine in that complete outlook. maybe sleeves weather for some cooler areas. right now temperatures still beautiful here tonight after a warm day. 87 in fishily, here in washington. and hotter tomorrow and then we need to talk about a chance of rain. i'll talk about that in our complete forecast in a few minutes. >>> we have a reminder about a commuter alert. for metro, five stations on the redline staying closed for track maintenance but the takoma, forest glenn, wheaton and glenmont stations are scheduled to open tomorrow morning in time for the rush hour. >>> the tuesday after labor day is one of the worst traffic days of the entire year as the rest of the children across our area head back to school. congress goes back to session and summer vacations are wrapped up. if you're driving in tysons corner, you're going to find a new traffic pattern waiting for you tomorrow
state showdown, west virginia marshal, fourth quarter, final seconds, joanno smith, poised and present. will he toe tap. west virginia marched 98 yards to tie with a two-point conversion. 24-21 for the first lead in the night for the monties. tyler warner, sorry, dude, misses for 39. west virginia rallies from 26 down to win it 24-21. >>> nining elmore began was at base office to appeal his multiple suspensions, including the one including a brawl. he's waiting for the response to the appeal. john lennon has been a beast lately, two earned runs in his last 14 earnings. a base knock-up the middle. florida gets a deuce in the opening frame. inning. brad davis 99 problems, but a hit ain't one. 4 against 3. the gnats get only 1. the marlins win it 3- 1. >> coming up, get the popcorn ready, because it's all about friday nights light. high school football, car doe is a travels across town to pull out a can on anna costyia and hateville puts a plug on donovan. could that be? yeah. . >>> there's tailor on the loss, put cody whitmosome said, "hey, you know, we've got the memo. holler if you h
, instead accused of starving them. the west virginia operation was shut down and 53 horses seized. late today, one of the horses died and about 20 more were adopted. sherri ly has the latest from martinsburg. >> reporter: when county sheriff's deputies found the horses, they were malnourished and emaciated, many had ribs and bones protruding. >> the horses are standing 24 hours a day in front of the bails of hey and just eating. >> reporter: 8 horses were already dead or had to be put down. the veterinarian christine bridges is working night and day trying to save the 53 others that survived. >> and you think you can save them? >> i'm trying. we're helpful. >> reporter: investigators seized them from a non-profit that touted itself as a sanctuary for rescued horses. some of the animals here are former racehorses like this one. two months ago, it was brought to the rescue farm. i can't show you the picture because it's evidence but i have seen it. the horse was perfectly healthy and it's skin and bones now. >> i was overwhelmed by the condition of the horses and with no hay available and
pennsylvania, west virginia. it's down into the 40s. frederick, 46 degrees in maryland. manassas, 46. dulles, only 50 degrees. near 50 in prince george's county. near 60 in waington and near the bay. elsewhe, we have temperatures in the 40s in west virginia, much of western maryland and pennsylvania. and on the eastern shore, the low 50s right now awa from the waters. so quite a cool start. but some are saying not so fast. it will be warming up tomorrow. today's high in the upper 70s to near 80. tomorrow, soaring to near 90. a chance a shower. near 90 again on friday. but you'll be turning cooler for the weekend. let's check traffic on this tuesday morning. how is it looking? >> tom, good morning to you. good mornin everyone. off we go. we have a ton of overnight road work. crossing over the 14th street bridge. no early worries there. loks like the same lane configuration of the last several days. capital beltway, inner loop and outer loop as you travel between i-95 and wilson bridge off to a very fine start. joe, eun. >> jerry, tha you. >>> a death investigation under way after a body was
-dozen horses from west virginia came to dave's in, and those forces came from a place that called itself or rescue farm. rob roblin has the story. >> the farm in west virginia was supposed to be a horse rescue, but as it turned out, the 53 horses there needed to be rescued. you can almost see it in their eyes, the pain and neglect. >> you can just tell they are hurting. it is the same thing with people. you look into a person's eyes. i think eyes or the window to the soul. you can read a lot in their expression. >> 6 thoroughbred horses, close to death, are being cared for. >> this course should weigh between 1000 and 1,200 pounds. he probably weighs 750 at the most. >> the horses were brought here yesterday at from what was supposed to be a horse rescue form and west virginia. starting in dehydrated, six of those in the worst condition came here. >> it cannot be a caring human watching an animal lying on the ground suffering without wanting to do something about it. >> to of the horses or on ivy. yesterday that wondered if that would make it through the night. >> by the grace of god and
need some rain because it is really dry. thunderstorms are pressing into the west virginia mountains. some scattered storms tomorrow night. systems off the coast by friday morning. after that it is a return to the dry weather. comfortable temperatures will settle back into the area as we head into the weekend. a little warmer and more humid tomorrow. a small crack the advisory is in effect. a thunderstorm in the afternoon in the mountains. watch for those storms to reach the chesapeake bay area by tomorrow evening, holding off at ocean city until much later to mar night. out in the tropics, keeping an eye on igor. this is one powerful storm. the western end of the storm is getting chewed up a bit by the beginnings of some wind. it is a category hurt -- is a category 4 hurricane. julia is a powerful storm as well. karl is weakening over mexico. igor is moving in the general direction of bermuda and it still looks like sometime sunday evening, it will be a hurricane -- a category two or three hurricane. not so good news for the folks in bermuda as they keep a close eye on a very strong
problem, the last three times the terps had that chance west virginia played the role of spoiler. so it's back to west virginia and a rematch. maryland will also be looking to end a four-game losing skid to number 21 west virginia who is 2-0 this year. last weekend against morgan state the terps had their highest scoring output in 35 years in a 62-3 rout. this weekend is a much bigger challenge. >> i think this is another test for us from a team standpoint. number one to play on the road in a hostile environment against a very good football team. number two, is to play, you know, in a game the more we win the bigger the games get and i think this is a big game for us. i think we'll learn a lot about who we are after this game. >> a couple of final notes, the nationals visit the philly tonight without morgan. the orioles are hosting the yankees. back to you. >> tonight you have the news edge. the news is always on myfoxdc.com. beautiful weekend. friday night shaping up to be awesome. go out and enjoy here tonight . the news edge at 11 if you want to stop by. see you. 
the radar is showing the heaviest rains. one band is moving through the panhandle of west virginia. another one coming into western fairfax county, north-northeast. there may be some brief, gusty winds associated with that. elsewhere getting light to modate along the western shores of the bay. temperatures in the region are 60s, low 70s. we have to get sun back with highs near 80. there is a risk of strong storms this afternoon. increasing clouds tomorrow. rain likely into thursday. dry friday, into the weekend. >> tom, live look this hour into town. south apital, douglas bridge looking good. earlier accident on the douglas bridge cleared. no delays. pennsylvania avenue looks good. 11th street bridge very quiet this morning thus far. let's see how we're doing. picking up a little volume on the american leej bridge from maryland perspective. there's the outer look. there's the inner look. right now from tyson's corner around the bend both directions moving along pretty well. >> jerry, thank you. >>> 6:12. 71 degrees. a scare in one d.c. neighborhood. >>> also ahead, one of president obama's
in the eastern sky. in the mountains, western maryland and west virginia, many locations chilly, near 50 there. high pressure over the region giving us plenty of sunshine today and a southerly breeze should warm us into the upper 80s by mid afternoon. not very humid. tomorrow, partly cloudy, midday clouds might produce a passing shower and blustery afternoon wind and cooler weather thursday and friday as the sun returns. ashley, how's the tuesday traffic now? >> i come bearing good news out of virginia. the beltway is wide open heading up towards 50 and 66. along 95, you do have company as you make your way leaving the prince william parkway towards route 1 seems to be the worse of it. this is the pace and the headlights may throw you off, they are at the posted speed limit there's a lot of drivers there. 270 southbound is starting to stack up, not terrible but definitely slow from 109 to the truck scales and after that, no problems. around the beltway, we are rolling problem free right now at the posted speed limit. no big problems there, you are flying, of course at the speed limit. craig an
of west virginia and maryland as well. for the most part around a half-inch up there, locally, much less than that. in the 60's now. on the way to 83 this afternoon. clearing, becoming very sunny later this morning andless humid. high temperatures in the 80's. not bad. you're a busy man this morning, right? >> yeah, we have an accident that occurred on the outer loop from connecticut avenue toward 355. you can see in the upper left corner of your screen. all the cars getting diverted off the beltway. the state trooper taking everybody off the beltway. there are a couple of cars and a tractor-trailer involved in this crash and a fuel spill that is taking a while to clean up. it is going to be a mess here for a little bit. if you get off the connecticut avenue, go on jones bridge, takes you to 355. go north from there, a right turn. remember, it is a left exit. back to you. >> thank you so much. new concerns this morning that smart trip card discounts may never happen. the chair said the card is more expensive than previously thought. initially they thought it costed around $2 to make the
york city. on the south side of that is coming out of west virginia. that is the area of that is now officially under a severe thunderstorm morning until 11:45. that will be coming through with a bit of lightning. in martinsburg, the winds have not does it all that much. some spots ahead have -- have a half inch of rain. the severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for the day ahead tomorrow, quite a change from what we're having right now. blog the latest on the tropics. >>> coming up, a former president burris is a legendary state senator and the accusation that jimmy carter is making about edward kennedy. >> first, discovery hostages speak with oprah winfrey. we will tell you about it when abc 7 news returns in >> former president jimmy carter is accusing edward kennedy of delaying health-care reform for years. carter says that registration fell through because kennedy did so out of spite. kennedy later fought the health care legislation for nearly spree decades. health care did reform for months after his death. >>> the california man charged with harassing nancy pelosi reache
region the claims the lives of more than two dozen -- in west virginia claims the lives of more than two dozen horses. and carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer the plant and gardening questions. e-mail them to the plantquestions@wbaltv.com. >> more than two dozen horses are dead after a fire at a racetrack in west virginia's eastern panhandle. the fires are burning at charles town races and slots. witnesses estimate that the flames shot as high as 30 feet in the air. the value of the horses as not been calculated. investigators are trying to determine how this began. several businesses were destroyed in an overnight fire at a shopping center in connecticut. at least nine were damaged in the fire in hartford officials believe that it started in a restaurant. the cause is under investigation. crews in hawaii out a brush fire that came dangerously close to -- battled a brush fire that came dangerously close to eight high school. the area is extremely dry, which helps fuel flames. investigators are trying to figure out how this fire began. are you having problems in your rel
. >> they were brought here yesterday from what was supposed to be a horse rescue farm in west virginia. starting in dehydrated, six of those in the worst condition came here. >> we cannot be a hearing him and what an animal suffering without trying to do something about it. to the horses are gone ivs. they wondered if they would make it through the night. >> by the grace of god in a lot of prayers, they are standing today. they are doing better. >> despite the terrible conditions there and, today there is always hope that their kindness and care will make them better. but i am hopeful and optimistic. i'm glad we are here the. any any help the public can get to say these and any courses. >> there were some strong storms on the eastern shore. we ended up with the rain and the baltimore short. art temperatures if there are some low-60's. it is still a warm said they 2 degrees in cambridge. if you get inman far enough, it is yardy down to 66 degrees. 50 degrees starting up in carol and frederick county. we will go up into the upper- 30's and allegheny county ca high pressure is building in strong. t
of an afternoon shower. primarily, out in the mounds of west virginia. -- mountains of west virginia. >> it is so beautiful. ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. >>> yesterday's loss to the texan, it has caused a hanover out at redskin park. i will tell you about this an
have had has pushed off shore. allegany county, western west virginia, the panhandle of west virginia, looking at clouds at this hour across the delmarva. a quick look at the traffic for you, a category 4 storm for you. sustained winds at 140 m.p.h., expected to become a category 5 hurricane as soon as wednesday, and this right here, this could develop into another. here it is. this is our forecast. areas of fog, partly cloudy, temperatures in the 50's. tomorrow, in the 70's, and then it will turn sunny with high temperatures just around the 85- degree mark. lots of sunshine coming up. if we will take a look at the extended outlook. breezy conditions on tuesday in a chance for some showers on friday. >> and we do not need an umbrella for tonight's redskins game. which we figured out earlier. ponchos are available. >> ponchos are available. >>> all eyes are turning on fedex field. here is the new skins quarterback and donovan mcnabb as he arrived earlier at the stadium for his first redskins- cowboys game. stadium for his first redskins- cowboys game. we will go or maybe 8? my "me time
on the job today. >>> investigators say that the fire that killed 29 horses in west virginia may have been deliberate. the flames broke out early yesterday morning in three barns at the crosstown races in west virginia. -- near the charles town races. 26 horses survived. it cost more than a million dollars in damage. there is evidence that indicates it could've been arson, but the cause has not been confirmed. >>> summer vacation is over for hundreds of thousands of students in northern virginia. children and teachers in 10 counties are back in the classroom to start a new year. budget cuts mean big changes ahead. pamela brown is live in clifton with more. good morning. >>> hello. for a lot of parents, back to school is bittersweet because of budget cuts. at clifton elementary school, this school could be forced to shut down after the school year. parents say that will not happen without a fight. this person is dropping her 5- year-old ford is first year at a school but she says this could be his last year. >> next year? that is not fair. >> it feels really sad. i hope the school board wil
. cooler temperatures of to the west. 45 in elkins, west virginia. 65 at reagan national airport. it's beginning to clear to the west. 84 degrees this afternoon and breezy. we will get an update, or commute with lisa baden. >>> northbound 95 coming out of stafford, stay to the left. northbound 95 car fire under control and garrison googled. equipment is on the scene. novis on 66. on 66.no problems no problems out of southern maryland. route 5 and route 4 looking good. >>> a developing story from fairfax county. one person is dead after a possible home invasion late last night along the 6800 block of field master drive. courtney robinson is live in springfield with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the man was found shot to death. this is a quiet neighborhood on a quiet street in orange hunt. officers are preparing to clear the scene. there is still crime tape up. officers believe this was a possible home invasion. they got a call around 10:00 then last night. it is not known if anyone is in custody. we do not believe this was a random act. they believe it was targeted. there
in springfield and in burke and in albany, west virginia. 73 degrees right now at reagan national, 70 in leesburg. today's forecast of becoming partly cloudy and less humid. high temperature of 83 degrees. tomorrow we will start now sunny with increasing clouds and heavy rainfall likely thursday. the seven-day coming up in a few minutes. it is on my facebook page as well as tbd.com. >>> we have delays in virginia coming off the green led on to the toll road with a crash on the eastbound dulles toll road on the left. the crash on 66 eastbound coming ballot of the planes into haymarket is resolved. there's heavy traffic upstream. in virginia let's go to the geico camera. not bad. the laser are out of springfield getting to the pentagon. not very wild or wet. in maryland on the hon. prophetic field there's a big wreck -- in maryland on the outer loop near fedex field. delays back to andrews air force base. >> t do you watch the > the wire?' >> i have not. not. -- i've not seen the show. for thecreator is up macarthur genius award. he was one of 23 people selected to receive a $500,000 grant. the gr
it in motion and look at thou the moisture surges. the blue is one to two inches in the west. in virginia four plus. see the bull's eye, that is four to five inches between now and friday morning. much of that between now and let's say tomorrow afternoon. we will get hit hard in to tonight and during the day on thursday. especially during the morning. temperatures cooler, upper 60s to low 70s. frederick, 75 there. only 71 here in washington. the day at a glance, mostly cloudy this morning, 65 by 9:00. late shower is possible. 69 for the drive home. angie, 4:31. >>> hope you are off to a great wednesday. we are waking up to construction. no big deal, right. 95 southbound, you want to watch for it at 198. we are losing a couple of right lanes because of it. the beltway, everything is clear from 95 to 270. there is roadwork set up past the georgetown pike area but it should be clearing in the next half hour or so. back to the maps, route 4, route 5 and 301, everything is checking out okay. no incidents or accidents on the maps. an then we want to take you over to virginia and show you the beltway
to the panhandle west virginia. it's just skirting right near montgomery as well. this is all assoiated with an area of low pressure that's spinning south and west of us. it will spin a cool front later today. that will likely bring other showers through midday. for this morng, we're in the 60s and low 70s. 72 in washington. we'll hold steady while we have the rain. there's a chance for downpours. maybe blustery winds as well through noon time. and sun back with highs near 80 degrees. there mabe storms on the eastern shore this afternoon. and then tomorrow some sun in the morning, clouding out in the afternoon. we could get another surge rain drying out on friday. jerry, how is our traffic? >> it kind of all depends where you are. clear, dry payment on the 270 corridor. germantown, all the way down to the capital beltay. good start there. no worries. out to the west, though, different story on interstate 66. those of you coming in at the toll road, 50. lots of road spray. at this point it's a little volume from haymarket to manass. no accidents toreport. again, just like yterday, be ver
front slicing through pennsylvania, west virginia in to parts of virginia. i want to switch it to live doppler 9000 hd because i zoomed in to the area in west virginia an the state line, west of new market, southwest of winchester approaching strasburg, front royal. it is moving to the east. these are light sprinkles, not much rain to talk about. temperature-wise, the clouds and southerly winds have held us in the 70s. cool spot reston at 70. we are at 77. going up to near 90. upper 80s by noon and also for 5:00 look for for sun and some wind. go over to angie goff. >> rev up the engines folks, we are getting geared up for a new hour. one issue out there we are dealing with. a water make main break on 410 where it meets 295. one lane on the right side getting by in both directions. moving to 270, take it outside. it is a problem free commute past father hurley to the split. as we move to virginia, 495 in virginia from the wilson bridge to 95 up to 66 looks like drivers are moving at speed. the same situation for those of you traveling 395. no incidents or accidents along the
gear up for their battle with nationally ranked west virginia tomorrow. , everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. >>> hello, everybody. downtown at the yards tonight. look for a real interesting baseball game to unfold. once those suddenly rejuvenated orioles host their rival. last time these two met, days ago, the o's took two of three from the pinstripe. yanksesyankses -- yanks trail tampa bay by a half game in the a.l. east. so the o's who swept toronto can play for more than just pride. they can play spoiler, too. the difference could be pitching. with that, kevin millwood, at 3- 15. with an e.
, including a congressional race in west virginia. this is the first district of west virginia. where democratic state legislature mike oliverio faces mckinley. the big trend this season has been the wave of anti-incumbent sentiment. chief political correspondent carl can cameron reports oliverio has already taken down a political mini dynasty. >> he was the first challenger across the country to beat any incumbent this year. he ousted 28-year democratic house veteran alan malahan whose father held the seat for 20 years before him. the state lawmaker opposes abortion, gay marriage, healthcare reform, president cap-and-trade bill, stimulus spending. most of president obama and the democratic party agenda. >> i'm not going to washington to get in-step with the washington leaders. i'm going to washington to try to get the leaders in step with the american people. >> the republican nominee is millionaire businessman dave mckinley, former west virginia g.o.p. chairman and state lawmaker. he argues once in washington, oliverio will be a rubber stamp for obama-pelosi liberalism. >> they hurt
. and isolated showers in west virginia. if they survive the trip to the i-81 consider door in 45 minutes. hagerstown this is on your doorstep with lightning and thunder. little fog in saint indigo and also in cumberland is down to a half mile. otherwise smooth sailing out there with 80s, low 60s north and west to low 70s in town. southern maryland by the bay a hot day expected. 95 in the hottest spots. 5:00 p.m. 90 and a slight chance of a thunderstorm. it is 8:30. how are the roads? >> we have been tracking them all morning long. keeping an eye on a couple of spots out there. we will focus in on silver spring, maryland where we have a truck fire on east randolph road and octagon lane. avoid the area or if you have to go this way use caution. on the outer loop we are slow from new hampshire over to georgia avenue. right now not so bad. probably an extra five minutes or so and virginia, of course we can't forget about you. 86 eastbound is stacking up no incidents between 50 and 123. an extra five to ten minutes there and that's growing. back to you. >>> this morning, there are people tryi
through, west virginia, west of the pittsbbrr. suburbs getting rain. this moves our direction, giving us a chance for stray showers. but it will breakup over the mountains, and we are left with as high pressure issdrying ouu the atmosphere. soowe wiil watch it push in. but a cooling affect behind the front as it comes in to play through the next couple of days. detailed lack at how it plays out in the forecast. and the cooler ttmperatures.3 coming our way n a bit. in the ssy watch forecast. >> the ravens are getting really ready to open the season monddy night and continue to add latest weapon, t.j. houshmanddadeh, be tonight he i3 including fellow vets masonnand bolden. in an accomplished and packed recciving core. ú%d he said he is here for only one reason. to win a superbowl. >> only 5 or 6 teams every year that have a legitimate shottto win the superbowl. and hat's just what people think. but you still have to go do it. this is one of the teams, even if i was not here, had a ssot. and so foo me to come here and them to accept me and want me on the team. you know, i am going to try
of maryland, west virgia, an into virginia as well. severe thunderstorm wning i effect until we're looking at that until 11:45. including the city of haegerstown, martinsburg, winchester and frederick county, maryland, and frederick county, virnia, and berkeley county and jeffeon county to west virginia, as well as washington county. that's severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 11:45. waching storms as they move toward the east. the have been severe toward the west as well. we'll continue to watch them move through the area for the next half an hour to 45 minutes. watch out around haegerswn and frederick, maryland. even in the front royal area. these storms have a history of severe weather. good news, we'll get out of this fairly quickly and tomorrow we'll see much nicer weather. 67 when you wake up tomorrow morning. clearing skies, much nicer day. more on e storms and how they'll affect you over the next couple of hours. >> thank you, doug. >>> two discovery communication employees held hostage in silver springs say they used cell phones to send messages about their fourour deal. th
you the moisture rotating in. off shore we have the thunderstorms. another wave hit west virginia and western pennsylvania. in between we have a line of showers which is off to the west. we are looking at this on guideline right now and we have some showers along the way and to -- along the bay and to the south. west on 66 this is about to roll over gainesville and haymarket. more heavy rain before you get to front royal there. watch for that. especially heavy in faulkier county and this is lifting to the north. loudoun county will be hit hard in the next hour with heavy rainfall clipping western fairfax and lift in to eastern west virginia up to frederick. generally staying west or clipping western montgomery county. what can we expect for you at the bus stop? some showers out there. locally heavy rains but other areas are cloudy and wondering what's going on. it is not on you. 66 to 74. sun is up at 7:01. today we will see the better chance of showers this morning. could be something lingering through noon. at 5:00, partly sunny, breezy and 81. highs upper 70s to as high as 85,
and fairfax and cooler farther to our west. low to mid-50s, many rural locations of maryland and virginia. in the mountains, in the 40s, much of western maryland and west virginia mid-40s this morning. as we look at the view from space, we have a few clouds in pennsylvania that may drift down here, otherwise lots of sun with highs reaching upper 70s. mid-50s by dawn on saturday. sunny saturday morning, clouds developing during the afternoon. then cloudy saturday night. late saturday night into sunday morning through midday sunday, we have a chance for a few passing showers and then dry for the skins game sunday night and dry again as we get back to work and school on monday. how is the traffic? >> one complication is university boulevard eastbound at dennis avenue, we're affected by an accident where a utility car was struck by a car. they've been working on that throughout the evening and overnight hours. it sounds like they are about to open one eastbound lane and lifting the construction in virginia along the capitol beltway. pat and eun, back to you. >> two women hit by an out of cont
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